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8-Behavior Home Cage Monitoring

  1. The System
  2. Eight home cage behaviors that are automatically classified by the base system.

Rationale of Test

This system was developed by Dr. Thomas Serre and his collaborators at MIT as a model of the dorsal visual stream. Most simply, its a computer model of a portion of the visual system that they have designed and trained to rapidly and accurately identify the behavior that a mouse is engaging in, automatically, and on a frame by frame basis. The system is as accurate as a trained human observer, and in its most basic form reliably classifies 8 of the most common home cage behaviors of mice (eating, drinking, resting, walking, hanging, rearing, grooming, and micromovement).


The testing system consists of mouse home cages positioned in front of digital video cameras. Digital video feeds are ported to a GPU cluster where data is processed.



This task provided a comprehensive ethogram of the home cage behaviors of a mouse. We are currently cross validating the results with performance on home cage behaviors with performance on standard behavioral tasks to assess the predictive value of disruptions in these core behaviors. As an example, the system is a sensitive means to identify enhanced grooming behavior, a potential indicator of some form of OCD pathology.

Relevant Controls


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