Brown Institute for Brain Science

Rota-Rod Treadmill

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Rationale of Test

This test can be employed to assess motor coordination, vestibular function, motor pattern learning, and motor degeneration.



The rota-rod treadmill consists of a computer-controlled stepper motor-driven drum with constant speed or accelerating speed modes of operation. The drum is divided into five test zones so that up to five animals may be tested at the same time. Animals are acclimated to the drum at the lowest speed (4 rpm) until they can stay on the drum for 20 seconds without falling. Once this basic criterion has been met, testing can begin. For testing, mice are placed on the rotating drum, at which time the drum begins to accelerate in a stepwise fashion to 40 rpm over the course of 5 minutes. When the animal falls off the rotating drum, it breaks a photobeam to automatically record the amount of time spent on the drum.


Relevant Controls

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